Johny Johny Yes Papa – The Most Popular Rhymes Song

This is one of the most popular children’s songs which is loved by kids of all ages, ranging from infants to toddlers to older kids. It is very catchy and easy to remember. It is available in a variety of versions and languages that are made for different cultures which kids can relate to easily.

It is about a boy named Johny who is being naughty and sneaks out to have sugar, which he is not supposed to have. He is finally caught by his father, whom he calls “Papa.” When his father asks him whether he has been eating sugar, he denies, but when he is told to open his mouth, he is caught red-handed and the poem takes a friendly turn.

It is quite popular with most kids as it is about being naughty and sneaking out, which most children find fascinating.

This nursery rhyme is available online easily in the form of videos, which are very popular with kids and are available in different versions. There are many smartphone applications of this nursery rhyme as well, which can be downloaded on phones. The lyrics of this song are quite basic, but since there are many versions of this song, they may have different lyrics in addition to the original and classic version which goes like this:

“Johny, Johny Yes, Papa?

Eating sugar? No, Papa!

Telling lies? No, Papa!

Open your mouth Ha! Ha! Ha!”

The lyrics are then repeated 2 times, and it becomes easy for children to remember and sing along. This song has been around for a long time and is considered one of the classic nursery rhymes for children. It even appears in many books of nursery rhymes for children.


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