Story of an Indian Media Entrepreneur

Founder and the promoter of iTV media network, Mr. Kartikeya Sharma, is no stranger to the media industry of India. Indeed, he is one of the leading and the most popular personalities, despite being one of the youngest.

Mr. Kartikeya Sharma founder India News has come a long way from his beginnings and owes his success to his hard work, sheer determination and very solid educational background. Not only is he an Oxford University graduate, but he also holds a Master’s degree in Business from Kings College in London. With such quality education, he has become a visionary entrepreneur who has made the iTV network more successful than ever before. The iTV network was still developing when he joined but due to his re-strategizing, the network succeeded in their expansion and soon became one of the most recognized media networks in the whole country.

Today, the same network owns two of the leading news channels in the country and offers both Hindi speaking channels as well as English news channel as well. The English news channel is called NewsX which is a national channel. The Hindi news channel is called India News and this consists of four other regional news channels which cater to small, regional towns.

In 2013 the India news channel was revamped, and the channel was given a brand new look which included a new ID, different line up of programs and a new state-of-the-art and high-tech studio. This helped to substantially increase the viewership of the channel and proved to be very successful. Kartikeya Sharma was the reason for this high performance of India News with his vision and foresight.

Moreover, the iTV network is also the owner of various newspapers across the country. The English newspaper that it owns is known as the Sunday Guardian and the Hindi newspaper that it runs is Aaj Samaaj.

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